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Rewa Smriti

From Katihar       |       Birthday June 04
About Me I am Rewa Smriti, a “maharani(queen) of nothing!” As the name defines I feel, I flow and I do exist! I just concentrate on what I am doing, and make sure that I will put the best of my abilities. However, I have a ‘fully functional’ brain and I know, sky is certainly the limit for those who have rock determination. I wish to go as life goes and wish to match my steps with time. I am a continuous fighter and I don’t give up without a tough fight!

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Turning The Wheel क्यों कहते हैं कि जीने का अंदाज़ बदल दे; और है ही क्या इस अपने अंदाज़ के सिवा….
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