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  • Am Too Lazy To Imagine For Subjects To Blog On,
  • As We Have Plenty Of Puzzles,
  • Just In Our Own Lives,
  • Worth Finding An Answer For. I Have A Peculiar Habit Of Exploring Undisciplined Thought Sequence On Any Unorganized Content I Come Across. At One Point Of Time,
  • It Became My Passion. Very Recently Had A Spark,

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From Chennai       |       Birthday May 02
About Me Myself a BE., MBA. and a die-hard Software Professional from India, Writing Control Algorithms under the custody of an Automotive Giant.

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URGID In this digital era, where only the ‘0’s and ‘1’s matter, Its going to be tougher to punch an identity for oneself. This blog is an attempt to URGe for such an IDentity.
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