Adarsh Kothia

My Interests

  • Travelling,
  • Photography,
  • Music,
  • Literature And Good Movies,
  • SPORTS.,

Adarsh Kothia

From Mumbai       |       Birthday December 30
About Me I m a cool minded person with a calm mind set I always try to have. I Love Traveling,Photography,Sports. The people who gets success with constant determination and truthfulness are my Inspirations. My Self-Confidence, Cool Mindset and Energy are my biggest assets. love reading good books. and watching good movies. i like the content which is somewhat relating to the reality. i do not like fiction very much!

My Blog(s)

TIME PASS - Productivity From The Free Time This blog is a Total Mixture of Every type of content from Life to Mind and Soul. Hindi and English Both Are Included in it.
Last Updated on: 8 Years Ago
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Time Pass Blog with some good poems and articles.
Last Updated on: 2 Years Ago
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AADIblog This blog is written to provide the readers a third eye of solution to our problems in Indian society. This is a place of healthy discussion for the Country.
Last Updated on: 7 Years Ago
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