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Through this blog I mean to share various phases of life,its
ups and downs and those in-between times through poetry, fun
facts,reviews etc, maybe hit upon something worth
remembering once in a while

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LOTR vs Harry Potter
Recently I saw the LOTR series and revisited the Harry Potter series. I was yet again drawn to the similarities between the two and differen......
2 Months Ago
The fault in our stars and others and their side effects
Some books demand to be read just as "pain demands to be felt". This is one such book. The first time I read it, I  loved it. I felt it was ......
4 Months Ago
The diary of Anne Frank: a review
This is a classic book which everyone should read. As a child I read the abridged version but this complete was very different. In the years......
5 Months Ago
Life comes a full circle
Life seems to have come a full circle these days, right back from my childhood times. That time I was a child, now my son is. I am reminded ......
5 Months Ago
The booklist
A recent book I read had a booklist which people started following. It was strewn all over in different places and reached different people ......
8 Months Ago
I miss my dad
I miss/missed my papaji, When I awake up in the morning When the city opened up When corona cases decreased When corona cases increased When......
11 Months Ago