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Amitkumar Si

From Mumbai       |       Birthday November 20
About Me Put me a face, put me a mask, Or consider me anyone with any task. Born with a dream, born with a mind, I am just one of your very own kind. Amidst your steps, you will find one of mine, Even in the dark clouds, I too am trying to shine. Travelling with time, travelling with life, I am a product of smile, sweat and strife. No matter how old I become, I still try to make every moment new, This is me, just another image of you.

My Blog(s)

The Little Steps For A Big Journey This blog chronicles my thoughts over everything that's happening around me.
Last Updated on: 11 Years Ago
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Of Times And Life This blog chronicles my own story. My view of life as seen till now, my smiles, tears, stupidity, learnings.
Last Updated on: 7 Years Ago
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