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Ditch the Pitch!
Yes, you heard that right – that’s for all you marketing and sales people out there! Now, I’m no marketing/sales guru ...
3 Years Ago
The Day eLearning Saved the World
Once upon a time, there lived a really mean terrorist named Assama (“The A$$”, to the world in general). He was responsible for a lot of bad deeds around the world. He was so mean, he wâ...
4 Years Ago
Teenage Woes
“You know what, Papa – the bloody problem is that nobody takes me seriously!” Stwabbit exclaimed one day. Well, if that’s the kind of language you’re going to use, swe...
5 Years Ago
Since childhood, I’ve been told that: God keeps tabs on you God punishes you if you’ve been bad You are answerable to God for all you do God dictates the course of your life It has fina...
5 Years Ago
2014 - A New Beginning
Over the past couple of years, I realize I have completely ignored this blog. And, it’s not because my life has ceased to be exciting or because Stwabbit is now a big girl – I guess I s...
6 Years Ago
An Event of Note…
Yes, it’s been almost a year since I last posted. A lot has happened since then. Leaving the unpleasant parts out, Zinfandel (the puppy pictured in the previous post) was followed by Rocky (Sâ...
7 Years Ago