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  • I Read. I Sing. I Dance. I Cry. I Write. I Love With The Fervor Of A Sixteen Year Old. I Don’t Do Much Else,
  • Because I Find All This Overwhelming Enough. Yes,
  • I Have A Real Job Too. I Just Don’t Let It Get In The Way.,

Anawn Imiss

From Delhi       |       Birthday February 11
About Me Anawni-miss. Like female anonymous person. Get it? Anony-miss! I’m clever. I know! So what about me? Well, let’s see. I’m a 32 year-old threadbare Indian woman who chooses to be without a face. You might have seen me as I hobble in and out of the streets of Delhi, my clothes flapping about me, looking like a journalist slash biker slash homemaker slash punk slash whatever else you can think of.

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Anawnimiss My life is hilariously filmi. There's a little bit of everything: horror, romance, tragedy, comedy, plots straight out of a detective novel. Which is why I prefer to be anonymous, of course!
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