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  • Long Walks,
  • Basketball,
  • Playing A Bagpipe,
  • Reading,
  • Writing And Voicing My Opinion On Varied Topics,

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Anchit Barnwal

From Delhi       |       Birthday December 03
About Me I am Anchit Barnwal. Having lived and travelled to various parts of India, I have sharpened my observational skills so much so that today nothing passes me insignificant. I feel blessed to have an ability to see things differently from others. I have also been awarded for my writing by "The Asian Age." My first non-fiction book, "Winners' Podium--everyone fits on it ," has been published by Delhi based V&S publishers and is being distributed by Pustak Mahal.

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Motivational And Inspirational Stories & Articles My blog: 'Motivational and Inspirational Stories & Articles' talks of inspirational anecdotes, motivational stories, articles of general interest for a fulfilled and an enriching life.
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