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From Delhi       |       Birthday February 27
About Me Well m andy cheerful, eager tO learn every mOment. flexibility in my nature. believe in sOlipsism. need success but nOt at d cOst Of happiness Of my nearest/dearest. wanna make mOney nOt by huk/kruk but Only by effOrts. life like an icecream, lick b4 it melts. euphOria is better than frustratiOn. never make trust in mOney but make mOney in trust. m not tOO much bOring, i like jim carry a humOrOus persOn. my philOsOphy is smile cOmes frOm little things in day tO day life, sO njy every mOment.

My Blog(s)

FriEnds KEEp ROcking This blog is about the friends and something about them.
Last Updated on: 11 Years Ago
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OOd With Magic This blog is about the mood of the person and how they share and anjy every moment.
Last Updated on: 14 Years Ago
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Cultural Event In India This is about the cultural event, handloom craft and fairs in india
Last Updated on: 9 Years Ago
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