Lt Col Ankita Srivastava

My Interests

  • I Love Reading,
  • Writing And Listening To Meaningful Soft Music Both In Hindi And English. I Am Passionate About Dancing,
  • Dressing And Wearing The Right Make Up .,

Lt Col Ankita Srivastava

From New Delhi       |       Birthday June 20
About Me I am a woman of multiple passions. I love everything in life. I live by small targets like Amitabh Bachchan and I believe I will never grow old as long as I keep reinventing myself. I hate to boast and love to remain in disguise. I unfold myself as a mystery much to the bewilderment of people I interact with. I take on many avatars simultaneously with ease and pride. I am a woman of depth and look forward to learn from equally deep individuals at any given time.

My Blog(s)

Thanks Giving To Monstrous Mother-in- Law The ,blog, is, written, to, highlight ,the, hidden, voices, of , indian, urban, married ,women, who, balance home, work , and yet, achieve ,great heights.
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My Story My Story: Do Right Stories: I am sharing my -a title="Do Right Stories at BlogAdda" href="" target="_bla...
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Citizens Of India It is about our social responsibility towards being good citizens of india
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