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Anunoy Samanta

From Bardhaman       |       Birthday February 27
About Me He has been blogging since 2007, and the pen often runs out of ink, but thankfully the mystic spirit of traveling-clicking-storytelling always reconquers Anunoy before it gets too late! In his early childhood, Anunoy’s craving for backpacking was sowed by his father. He has been a rolling stone ever since, forming passionate bonds with motorcycle touring and photography to add more layers to his wander lust.

My Blog(s)

Not All Who Wander Are Lost AnunoyS, an online Diary of a Backpacker, some of his overtly amateurish lumps of Fiction and occasional indulgence on random Photography!
Last Updated on: 7 Years Ago
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Clicking Photos On The Go ClickingPhotos is Anunoys Photo Blog for Point and Shoot Photography. If you're into point and shoot amateur photography this is the right place for you.
Last Updated on: 6 Years Ago
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