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  • I Believe That A Well-told Story Is The Most Powerful Force In The Universe (with Due Apologies To Professor Dumbledore). Love Reading,
  • Obviously,
  • Primarily Fantasy,
  • Travel And Crime/Thriller/Mystery Genres. Deeply Interested In The Entertainment Industry And Politics. Staunch Liberal,
  • Immensely Irreverent.,

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Anurag Bakhshi

From Mumbai       |       Birthday December 28
About Me I turned 40 recently and quit my job as a Media professional to become a full time writer. As a first step, started writing a story a day on my blog. Wish me luck!

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Jagah Dil Mein Honi Chahiye- Stories Have A Life Of Their Ow Stories for the child in you. Give logic and reality a break, and let us have some fun.
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