My Interests

  • I Love Walking Barefoot On Wet Grass,
  • Long Drives With Destination Unknown... Stopping In D Middle Of Nowhere Just To Get A Good Photograph,
  • Screaming In Frustration When My Bike Refuses To Start,
  • Loosing Myself In Music...I Love To Walk In D Rain,
  • Sing To Myself When I'm In The Kitchen,

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From Chennai       |       Birthday August 10
About Me The incoherent rambling of a fragmented mind will make sense only to minds of its kind… My mind’s a million pieces held fast by a fine thread of hope… Myriad pieces reflecting the cacophony within… A million reflections of a troubled soul, a million fragments of eternity,A million flashes of ecstasy, a million ounces of pain, A million wings of freedom, a million cups of hemlock… A million pieces of the whole…

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A Recondite Scribe My trail, my destiny, my cross, my end, my beginning
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