Jugu Abraham's Movies That Make You Think

A selection of intelligent cinema from around the world that
entertains and provokes a mature viewer to reflect on what
the viewer saw, long after the film ends--extending the
entertainment value

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  • Updated 1 Year Ago

276. The late French director Bertrand Tavernier’s feature film “Ça commence aujourd'hui” (It All Starts Today) (1999), based on a commendable screenplay co-written by the director, his daughter Tiffany, and Dominique Sampiero: A primary school teacher who walks the extra mile to serve and speak for the tiny tots raised by parents with marginal incomes

Updated 1 Year Ago

276. The Late French Director Bertrand Tavernier’s Feature Film “Ça Commence Aujourd
    "For its commitment to everyday heroism, its multi-layered approach to an array of social problems, and for the visual force of the stor...
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