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Consent - The Unwritten Poem

Updated 4 Years Ago

Consent - The Unwritten Poem
Touch, feel, breathe, remember, sometimes it feels all good, at other not so much, but didn't you say I love you? Oh, did I? sometimes I wonder... Lesser than less words work better, vibes play a big role if you fathom, for all that I contained inside, spills like my favorite drink on the table... The space between our bodies, those goosebumps, they knew better than our rushing blood, and how these eyes spoke every minute on that night without uttering a verb... Hours of washing each other of sins, we tried, but couldn't realize the language of kin, and just one touch of yours, just one, I felt everything Universe in that moment... Loss of words, sometimes loss of feelings, nothing makes it up for these definitions, all my life I shall carry, I am sure, your beautiful unspoken imprint... For I remember the moment I said, "Wait", you understood it like, on paper, my flowing ink, something is wrong, something is disarranged, in that minute I was yours, forever and still... Since then I never looked back, no book could teach, same meanings yet different contexts, it's all feelings, till date I am thankful you knew what I wished, This is for all of you who believe in - "Consent - The Unwritten Poem" P.S - The title of this piece, is a creative combination of topics given by @DiscoPiggu & @Choco_Glazed. Thank you!
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