My Interests

  • Helping Out People; Anywhere ,
  • Anytime. Singing Aloud In Hilltops. Playing And Experimenting With Percussion Instruments. Laughing Out Loud. Blogging ,
  • And Writing For Newspaper Columns. Also A Definitive Netizen.,

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Bitopan Das

From Guwahati       |       Birthday November 05
About Me Student by compulsion, unemployed but with a will to choose photography as my future profession ; I have a penchant for good literature ,and also am a good experimenter of music. I am thoroughly extrovert person , and I absolutely dig for PR in any person I meet. Wild outside, but a plain romantic at heart,and Future plans of mine also include being either a doctor for the Red Cross or Doctors without Boundaries; and if none of those fruit up; I'm gonna try for Administrative Services.

My Blog(s)

Penned Shit A blog about everything . A blog that connects you to everyday . Reverberating on the same things that make you and million others shout out loud in agony everyday. Perfect spot for venting out I say!!
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