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Conversations Of Time And Bird: Part 3
Suddenly you notice that dark side, the boundaries smudged into reality, more black than the darkest. Even the flashlights emitting black, ......
6 Years Ago
Conversations Of Time And Bird: Part 2
Nature, do you think it exists? What we think as nature is earth? What is not us? Like the disasters. But we are nature. We are the chaos......
8 Years Ago
The Infinity Field
I had a name. Now it keeps slipping into darkness. Someone pulling one end of the infinite string, slowly dragging everything into the blac......
9 Years Ago
There are quite a few number of way to be the roulette ball that chooses what happens next in the alarming number of sequences intertwined ......
10 Years Ago
The Watchmen
Hypothetical world has only one kind of job. To watch others. They change shifts, they switch places. One being watched becomes the one who......
10 Years Ago
Conversations Of Time And Bird: Part 1
I waited for hours under the hot sun, finding shadows to stand on, of busy commuters, looking at your windowpane. I stood there without a ......
10 Years Ago