Cifar Shayar

My Interests

  • I Like Reading Poems,
  • Stories,
  • Biographies,
  • Etc. What Interests Me In Them Is Not Only Their Language But I Keep My Interest Focus To Understand On The Fact That Which Message Various Writers Or Poets Wants To Give Convey With Their Work,

Cifar Shayar

From New Delhi       |       Birthday March 10
About Me I am a poet,blogger and a writer. I write about love,life,social,political and cultural issues in the form of poems or as articles. My blog deals with original material written by me 'cifar' and also with the translation of famous works done by poets like Mirza Ghalib,Mir Taqi Mir,Bulle Shah,etc.

My Blog(s)

Moments This blogs deals with original poetry written by "cifar" and also poetry by famous poets,it also deals with translation of famous urdu,hindi poems to english.
Last Updated on: 1 Year Ago
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THE OTHER SIDE A social ,political blog about the topics important to our society culture and tradition
Last Updated on: 3 Years Ago
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