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Devanshu Srivastava

From Bangalore       |       Birthday December 24
About Me I am Devanshu Srivastava, an avid food and lifestyle blogger, food expert, and Zomato connoisseur. I am also a travel enthusiast and an adventure-seeking person. A guitarist and music lover by heart, I also love to drive cars and bikes. I am a big foodie, a techie, & have a passion for writing, which is also my profession! I love to write about food, travel, & experiences of life. I started my blog after reaching rank #3 as a food reviewer on Zomato and having over 1.8K followers at that time.

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Part Of Almighty Part of Almighty imbibes the true essence of the Almighty’s beautiful world and explores the wonderful nature, places, lifestyle, food, and much more!
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