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  • Writing,
  • Reading( Anything Good),
  • Traveling,
  • Dreaming :P And Singing (in The Bathroom),

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From Pune       |       Birthday June 26
About Me I have been writing since in was in 8th. Last year out of just nowhere, I decided to write a blog, which included my poetry, sketches, articles and life experiences. I never knew that it would become such an inseparable part of my life. :)

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New_Girl_In_Pune It's like a brand new chapter of my life. I decided to write it in my words.
Last Updated on: 4 Years Ago
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ImmortaL_World_of_Me The "Immortal World Of Me" is a blog where I scribble all my thoughts, poems, sketches and everything I'm all about.
Last Updated on: 9 Years Ago
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