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I leave for Kamakhya today ,,, Joie Ma Aghori Kali

Updated 4 Years Ago

I Leave For Kamakhya Today ,,, Joie Ma Aghori Kali
I am the only Muslim documenting the Aghoris since 2016,, and it is thanks to my Aghori Guru Manikandan ji from Trichy TN .. who makes his base at the Kamakhya crematorium.. during the famous Tantric Ambubachi Mela Assam. The Aghoris begin their rituals at sharp midnight and a huge crowd gathers at the crematorium.. The rituals animal sacrifice lasts till wee hours of the morning . In the day time I shoot the Naga Sadhus thanks to Naga Guru Ram Manuj Puri ..a Naga police or Kotwal he had visited my house a few days back...he has a house in Ghatkopar Mumbai and is very close to the Sufis we get along very well. Nityanand ji who has taken over from Govind Giriji too has been very supportive and kind as I have been documenting Kumbh Melas Naga Sadhus ling kriya since 2003.. I began documenting the Aghoris since 2016.. This is perhaps my last trip as I dont have the funds or resources ..I want to upgrade my camera but it has not been easy as my business is very slack.. styling is seasonal work, My photography is non commercial..the little I get from YouTube I give to charity .. poor and the beggars . There is an interesting story about this trip I shall tell you when I return after a week. I have cut down drastically on my photography ..I stopped shooting Ajmer Makanpur and the Siddis . I stopped the walk from Delhi to Ajmer ..with the Malangs ,, I need money for all this ...I have no sponsors ,,,I did not shoot Moharam last year I had a period film on hand that got shelved and I lost everything that I had put in from my pocket . So this is my life in a nutshell..I am not on Facebook or Instagram but I love posting my picture stories on Twitter .. And Jack refuses to give us a Edit tool.. I know Biz Stone on the internet since 2004 when I got seduced by the Blog Goddess . I type with one finger storytelling finger ,,, So I wish you all well I document the Hijras but I have disabled my Hijra documentary the bulk of it from public view . My Israeli friend prolific film shooting photographer Victor Berzukov calls Flickr a trash bin.. so I tell him it was but it is changing I only hope Mr Don MacAskill rolls back the PRO rates to the earlier one US 50 $ is way beyond my reach.. or the reach of other not too well off photographers . I dont mind if Flickr becomes a semi stock agency this is my personal view and I get to make some money hard earned money ,, and upgrade my camera and optics ,,, and pay the Pro fees without complaining . I am not a blogger nor a fine art photographer ,, My camera is an instrument of education .. I love India where I was born I shoot India I have no wander lust ..never lusted for US dollars or green card,, My India is far too precious than all the money in the world . So have a great day..
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