Shreya chatterjee

My Interests

  • Poetry Writing,
  • Memoir Writing,
  • Needle Work. I Write To Express Myself,
  • I Write To Speak For Myself,
  • I Write Because I Live Through My Words.,

Shreya Chatterjee

From Noida       |       Birthday June 08
About Me An open letter I do not know to whom I am writing this letter…or maybe I do but I cannot divulge the name…now that is not the main point. In this little life of mine…I have learned to see both the sides of a coin. The encounters have become short stories of my life-book. I live, laugh and cry with some of them, I leave behind some of them and some I deliberately bury below my feet. The last one is merely an attempt to hide my individual short coming.

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A Journey Called... Some slips of mind to share...a bit humor to fade away the dullness..
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