My Interests

  • Reading,
  • Traveling,
  • Writing Extremely Weird And Lengthy Letters To My PenPals,
  • Professional Fangirl,
  • I Could Either Be Having Passionate Discussions About The Current Political And Moral Situations OR I Could Be Explaining In Detail How My Pet Dragon And Hippogriff Might Fight But Really Do Love Each Other To Death!,

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Pavitra Madhusudan

From Delhi       |       Birthday May 27
About Me I am just a girl who would choose to read with a cup of hot chocolate over having a social life. As a result, I have an overactive imagination, with a wide range of friends and boyfriends, all of them fictional :D

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IndianBookLoveAffair A blog dedicated to understanding and loving books. My ramblings about different kinds of books that I read and love.
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