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  • Primarily Books,
  • Then Of Course,
  • Girls,
  • Delicious Food And Last But Not The Least Movies..lots Of It.,

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Ankit Srivastava

From New Delhi       |       Birthday November 05
About Me A wanderer by nature, I live life in the moment. A typical youth who likes to ogle at girls, loves Tandoori Paneer and Tandoori chicken equally. My equation with God is a bit unbalanced as the variables keep changing more often than not disturbing the equality again and again. Yes, yours truly is an engineer by education and compulsion. Live your life, accept yourself and don't fear the death..my motto and my philosophy. Got a problem? See you in hell. :P

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Canvas Of Emotions Made up of all the essential ingredients for life like love, humor, memories, regrets, the blog reflects various moods, emotions and thoughts at different turns.
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