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Huma Masood

From New Delhi       |       Birthday December 04
About Me Huma Masood is the author of 'Dare to Dream', genre nonfiction, self-improvement. She is a Stock Market Trader for living and lifestyle blogger for her passion. Huma's message in her book is simple: making simple changes in the desired direction is the sure shot way to achieve all your dreams. And while this message may not seem stunningly original or fresh, Huma’s inspiring writing, vibrant voice and passion will serve to encourage and guide readers. Dare to Dream by Huma Masood is a must read for those who are ambitious about their future and wish to explore their own potential for success. For others, it is a self-improvement guide written in simple language. In a previous employment, as a Market Research Manager, she offered consultancy to the banking sector and other consumer products. She played a major role in the publishing of in-house newsletter.

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