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  • I Write Blog Posts When I Have Free Time Which I Don't Usually Have Many. Everything That You Read In My Blog Are My Personal Opinion With The Exception Of Statements That Are Clearly Attributed To Someone Else. I May Occasionally Write Something Related To Life As I See It In General. These Again Are My Personal Opinions,
  • Supported By References Where Available.. I Write To Taste Life Twice,
  • In The Moment And In Retrospect!! Mujhe Kya Pata?,

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Jonathan Lalthanglien Hmar

From Jorhat       |       Birthday May 18
About Me A medical student with big hopes and dreams studying his bachelor degree in medicine and surgery, a blogger, a musician and a compulsive zarda paan addict.. Uniqueness-Redefined..

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Ijassdie I write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect!!
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