Aishwarya Iyer

My Interests

  • Soothe Through Poetry(writing And Reading).Dance,
  • Food For The Soul.Paint,
  • But Only When Called By Intuition To Do So.Write,
  • Only When Not Loathing In Self-pity.,

Aishwarya Iyer

From Delhi       |       Birthday August 19
About Me Some people call me eccentric,some people call me boring and some people call me unique.But I call myself confused.I know it is too early to figure myself out and contemplate about things like the meaning of life but there's no harm in broadening the horizons of your imagination,isn't it?Everything doesn't have to have a motive or a goal.You can delve into the more abstract things in life just because it makes you love the very purpose of your existence.I believe.I know.

My Blog(s)

BURST Some things are not meant to be explained.They're just meant to be experienced.When one reads,he experiences the emotions and the perspective of the writer,not his 'description'.
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