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  • Nothing And Everything.. I'm God's Official Lab Rat.. So,
  • I Guess Now I Enjoy Getting Dissected By GOD.,

Jorawar Walia

From Chandigarh       |       Birthday December 14
About Me You need to know three things about me: 1. I was born as an 'Insaan' but then I turned 'Insane' 2. I may be an Asshole .... but I Shit on my own terms 3. I may not be perfect but parts of me are freaking awesome AIM IN LIFE: My AIM in life is to become a 'Baba' and start my own 'Dera'. P.S. - If God starts loving me, will he turn GAY?

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No Sense But Not NOnSENSE Nothing new still fresh No Sense but not NOnSENSE
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