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Drivers of Customer Service in ONDC
  Introduction In the prevailing model of eCommerce, the same entity provides end-to-end solution as a market place which manages both cus......
11 Months Ago
Enabling a Paradigm Shift in Social Protection through BECKN
Delivery of social protection measures is a big challenge to any government; especially in a developing country.   Social protection program......
2 Years Ago
COVID-19 and Foundations of Social Security Delivery
  The COVID -19 has turned out to be a pandemic in a very short time causing significant disruption of normal life and economic activ......
3 Years Ago
To be or not to be Part 9- Aadhaar: Proving my Identity
Our everyday life is full of interaction with other people or organisations. Depending on the nature of these interactions there could be......
4 Years Ago
Guarding Democracy
It is widely accepted that in most cases monopolies are not very good for the economy and society. It is inefficient and lead to increase......
6 Years Ago
A Requiem for Mother
A Requiem for Mother
It was around 1 o' clock in the afternoon on Sunday 31 st May 2015. Mom was lying on her bed. My sister Mary, niece Reni, Ambily an......
7 Years Ago