My Interests

  • I Discovered My Core Interest In Cooking Almost 10 Years Back But I Never Thought Of Turning It Into My Long Term Goal. But Gradually,
  • With The Passing Time And My Increasing Awareness Of My Own Hobbies,
  • I Started Thinking To Do Something In This Field Only. According To Me,
  • The Most Fruitful Time I Spend Is When I Am In The Vegetable Market Looking For Fresh Stock Of The Day.,

Kriti Singhal

From Gurgaon       |       Birthday March 24
About Me I am ‘Kriti’ – a social media professional from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm and a home chef, blogger, reader etc etc from 7:00 pm to 1:oo am. :) I love blogging since the time I was in college,in the year 2005, but I regret that I never took it seriously. Till now ummmmm I guess I have more than 4-5 blogs but ,trust me, I don’t remember the usernames and passwords any more.

My Blog(s)

Krispy Kadhai This blog is all about home made dishes from various cuisines across the world.
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