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  • My Latest Love Is Puppetry. And I Just Think I'm Super Good At It (its Just That Everyone Is Too Shy To Tell Me That I'm Good That's All). Also I Think I Write Kickass Plays And Stories For Kids. I Also Dabble In Poetry - You The Rhyming 'when You Run You Have Fun' Kind. And I Someday Wish To Write An Award Winning Novel Or At Least A Short Story. Apart From All These Indulgences,
  • I Love Keeping A Good Home. ,

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Deepa Ravi

From Chennai       |       Birthday February 24
About Me I live under the delusion that I'm this super cool mom and also kid myself into thinking that I write great plays and stories for kids. Otherwise I'm a pretty normal person.

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Conversations In My Loola Family Conversations in my family are like telephone cross talks. Everyone is in their own world and talking about what they want. To listen to some hilarious cross talks pop in to my place any evening.
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