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Neha Sharma

From Delhi       |       Birthday November 09
About Me Nia Charms.♥ Struggling to separate the often arguing alter ego's in my head. Low maintenance girlfriend. An all time procrastinator.. Dog lover. Has alternative trances of being over-sensitive at some times and insensitive at others. A temper that settle downs as soon as it erupts. Has the weirdest talent of finding something depressing in the happiest of moments and vice-versa. Has been through stages of being pretentious and pleasing people.

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All Faces Of Me ..! Worth read. Thats all i Can say. Read it and you ll be addicted. Random rantings about abosolute randomness
Last Updated on: 4 Years Ago
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All Faces Of Me. I don't know. You should really read. Gah. Who am I kidding. You probably shouldn't.
Last Updated on: 10 Years Ago
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