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Dr. Priyanka Naik

From Margao       |       Birthday June 03
About Me A bohemian by nature and a gypsy at heart…a doctor by profession & a dreamer by choice…sometimes euphoric, sometimes jaded…sometimes a well balanced person and sometimes a crazy cookie…obsessive compulsive on some days, manic depressive on others. In short, a paradox trying to figure myself out in this confusion called ‘life’ while the mind meanders in my realm of unhinged thoughts, reflective fiction, retrospective ramblings & nostalgic moments. http://lifeofpri.blogspot.com.

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Nostalgic Moments A chronicle of the times--a log of the life of pri as today turns into yesterday...the world through her eyes as she breaches the thin line between reality & fiction as a not-so-silent spectator :)
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