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A Moment Of Weakness...

Updated 3 Years Ago

A Moment Of Weakness...
One moment of weakness and you end up embracing death, Why do people commit suicide?, Are you thinking about ending your life?, Everyone faces setbacks and failures in life at some point in time, A few of them can be really devastating as well, Of course, none of them can be so bad that we can't overcome them, suicide can never be a solution to anything, no matter how bad things are, Sushant Singh Rajput commits suicide, Sushant Singh Rajput gives up on life, sushant singh rajput suicide, suicide is never a solution, My advice to all youngsters who are thinking about ending their lives to get freedom from their problems and the resulting stress, would be to hang on for some more time and instead to give life another chance, suicidal thoughts, give life another chance, don't give up on life
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