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This blog is used to share my thoughts and opinions on
various topics specially concerning India and the social
issue it faces. I sometimes do book reviews as well.

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Tolerance and Intolerance - Lack of Sense of Justice
People keep saying that Aamir Khan is defaming the country. Really? Is speaking out ones mind means defaming the country? No. Not at all. No one is defaming the country. He is just speaking his min…...
8 Years Ago
Moved to my own Website
Dear All, Thank you for showing support for so long. I have decided to move ahead and am up with my very own site. You may click here  to visit it or copy and paste the following url to a browser o...
11 Years Ago
[Book Review] Banquets on the Dead by Sharath Komarraju
Banquet on the Dead is fantastically thought and written thriller which will keep you engrossed in the story all the time. It was certainly a joy to read the book. Hamid Pasha, the lead detective, …...
11 Years Ago
Is Fundamental Right to Freedom in India only available for Privileged Few?
Part III of The Constitution of India guarantees Fundamental Rights to citizens of India which includes right to freedom of speech and expression. However, with series of recent incidents that have…...
11 Years Ago