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Pavan R Chawla

From Mumbai       |       Birthday January 09
About Me I'm into media, movies, television, food, music, gadgets, books, writing, humour and digital. In fact, that, along with friends and family, is Life Juice, for me. I write about Life Juice. Swizzlesticked. I'm on Twitter @PavanRChawla and would love to connect with you. So do reach out. Cheers.

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Pavan R Chawla I write a conversational, personal blog about various topics from the areas of media, TV, movies, films, radio, food, drink, writing, humor, entertainment, and more. Life Juice - swizzlesticked.
Last Updated on: 7 Years Ago
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Media Brief News and views from a media professional, for young professionals in the B2B space of Media and New Media. Curated by a content & communication expert.
Last Updated on: 4 Years Ago
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