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  • I Have Always Turned To Food – In Good Times And Bad; Not As An Ode To Gluttony,
  • Rather A Celebration Of The Joys Of Deliciousness.,

Pooja Vir

From Mumbai       |       Birthday March 30
About Me Just over a month before I started writing, the relationship I was in ended suddenly. At that time the end seemed to have come out of the blue and I was not prepared for it emotionally or physically. I needed a distraction from spending entire days and nights feeling sorry for myself! I love the self-indulgence of a blog! I am no writer and some of my blog posts will prove that; but I believe that sharing is caring. So as I share my journey through restaurants and bars… I hope you will too.

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Table For ONE Eating out on your own can be intimidating. Is it the being alone bit or the being alone with your thoughts bit that is terrifying… I am about to find out on this journey as a newly single diner.
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