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Pratik Gupta

From Chennai       |       Birthday February 13
About Me 5% Johnny Depp; 15% friends; 7% Dexter; 3 % Lucky Ali; 8% euphoria; 10% grass; 21% Smirnoff; 19% Marlboro; 12% Linking = pure 100% me This is a comedy blog... I am joking here. I might say things that are racist, sexist, and every other "-ist" that is not cool in this politically correct world. But, I honestly do not hate anyone... except those that cannot take a joke and/or actually take us (India!)

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Cricket-without-Balls We are bunch of cricket maniacs, more of a two-some pair, born and brought up by cricket fanatics and belong to a country which has donated precious t
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Hakuna Matata Blog taking a different take on the events happening around our life ......
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