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Pratik Patil

From Mumbai       |       Birthday August 29
About Me Pratik, an engineer as per his education and a blogger by his choice. He already runs a tech blog named Next Thinkerzz. His demeanor makes him every inch a geek. He has proved his video editing skills by making an app preview video which is live on app store for MGM’s official app(Arete Zois)

My Blog(s)

Next Thinkerz Let's understand technology in a easier way than the old usual grumpy way! Winner of "Best Tech & Internet Blog in India" at #WIN15 by Blogadda
Last Updated on: 4 Years Ago
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SnazzyMedia Your resource for everything that we witness these days, Mayve it be Tech, Space, Sports or Lifestyle.
Last Updated on: 5 Years Ago
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