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  • 500 Characters Are Not Enough To List My Interests! So,
  • I’ll Write About My Blog. My Blog Is Mostly Based On Thought-provoking Incidents That I Have Experienced Or Witnessed,
  • Or Heard From Extremely Reliable Sources,
  • Or Sourced From The Media. To Prevent Any Kind Of Stereotyping,
  • I Will Avoid Assigning Names To Private Persons In Posts Related To Social Ills. If Posts Involving Me Portray Me In A Positive Light,

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Proactive Indian

From Chennai       |       Birthday October 20
About Me I am an Indian. My name, age, gender, religion, etc. are not important. Many aspects of life in India need correction to make India a better place to live in. In most matters, I have not created the problem. But, I am, knowingly or unknowingly, a perpetrator, participant, beneficiary, victim, or bystander. Hence, I share the responsibility to solve these problems. I will start contributing to solutions to these problems. I’ll be proactive. I’ll be a proactive Indian.

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Proactive Indian Reflections on everyday life in India and elsewhere
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