My Interests

  • Other Than Writing Quirky Malarkey And Drawing Funny Caricatures,
  • I Also Take Up Programming Assignments With Equal Fervor. I Love Bollywood And Hollywood,
  • I Like Cricket,
  • And I Am Reasonably OK With Indian Politics. I Started Blogging On The Insistence Of Friends And Family,
  • Who Think That They Shouldn’t Be The Only Ones Bearing The Brunt Of My Relentless Salty And Peppery Artistic And Literary Pursuits.,


From Noida       |       Birthday September 05
About Me A Parodist, Satirist, and Humorist - someone who watches, exaggerates, twists stuff out of shape, adds a dash of pepper and a pinch of salt, and creates an oddly different yet identifiable version of reality. I like to find humor in situations and people, both visually and verbally.

My Blog(s)

Anand's Parodies & Caricatures My blog is a collection of parodies that mark the life and times of a thirty-some married man trying to balance family & work. The blog posts comprise satire & humor, caricatures & funny anecdotes.
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