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  • My Hobbies Include: Reading,
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  • Gardening And Seldom I End Up Enjoying Cooking Too…,

Rekha Nair Dhyani

From Delhi       |       Birthday September 06
About Me Rekha Dhyani or D Rex is the mother of two T Rex kiddos. An active blogger - passionate about women and children issues Rekha blogs her thoughts, and writes reviews and fiction at She has just completed a year long blogging challenge at Project 365 with three more blogger friends. A techie turned into a professional marketer, seasoned publishing expert, book aficionado, traveller, blogger, mother, wife, cook, homemaker and CEO of brand me.

My Blog(s)

Dew Drops I right about anything and everything under the sun that touches my life.
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Butterflies And Pebbles Transcend Your Limits
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Wings And Chirps Wanderings of an Itchy Feet. A mother in transit trying to leave a handy reference for the future generations.
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