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  • I Love Reading. Reading Helps One Rejuvenate One's Mind And Soul. Reading Blogs Also Helps One To Understand More About Human Nature. Apart From That I'm A BIG Movie Buff. My Motto Is A Movie A Day. Music Like Any Other Human On This Earth Is One Of My Main Interests Not To Mention Cricket Which Like Any Other Normal Indian Flows In My Blood!.,

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Pawan Maruvada

From Visakhapatnam       |       Birthday April 21
About Me I am a farmer of thoughts. I nurture the seeds of random thoughts that are strewn all over my brain. I tend them with care and give them shape in the form of my blog. Yes!, my blog like many other's present around is my collection of thought's,ideas and impressions. My blog speaks on behalf of me. In fact, my blog speaks about the TRUE me in this hypocritical world. That is me and my blog in short!.

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