My Interests

  • I Am Highly Fascinated By Global Economics,
  • Socio-politics & Philosophies. I Get High When I Travel Or When I Dance…. I Love Exploring Indianness,
  • Learning Different Art & Culture. I Like Creating Fusions Like Ethnicity + Art Movements In Art,
  • Yoga + Ballet In Dance,
  • Indian Jewellery + Western Clothing In Style…..,

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Ramya Emandi

From Mumbai       |       Birthday July 16
About Me I am an Indian, socialist by heart but a capitalist by mind. I aspire to create socially impactful Work/ Writing/ Art.

My Blog(s)

AnuraK Talks This is a blog which expresses a take on contemporary issues (mostly related to India) to spread slight awareness with a multidimensional opinion, similar to the concept of citizen journalism.
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