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  • I Had Many Other Options Like Facing A Hungry Lion,
  • To Be Hanged Till Death,
  • Sinking In A 2ft Deep Pool,

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Namit Aggarwal

From New Delhi       |       Birthday December 21
About Me Hii am n@mit @gg@rw@l…m A CUSP..half Sagitarian,half Capricon..(more inclined to Capri) well i can be your worst nightmare or ure sweetest dream... i m good when im bad and im better when im worse...i put faith in god and trust myself ... i m a 9 pointer but not kinda studious... i just CARE LESS m not careless... i am ambitious but not kinda dreamer...people claim they know me but they only know a portion...i am what i am no one can change me...

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Something They Call Life Its about US...a bit of We in every ME...
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KHAYAAL...the Thought... This is our view of how we view this world, our thoughts...KHAYAAL...
Last Updated on: 6 Years Ago
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