My Interests

  • I Am Very Keen To Learn Photography,
  • And Really Impressed By Its Ability To Serve As A Form Of Expression. Just Love How Single Elements Can Add Altogether Different Dimensions Contributing To The Beauty Of An Image. I Would Like To Be A Lifelong Traveller. Life Is Waiting For Me,
  • And I Will Live Things One At A Time. Therein Lies The Actual Beauty. To Just Be Present.,

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Rohit Gupta

From New Delhi       |       Birthday May 11
About Me I am an Engineer by education and a reader by choice. My writing liberates my soul in many dimensions, and provides for a catharsis which I would like to continue in times to come. The address of my current blog is urbangallivant.wordpress.com. The name perhaps sums up my attitude towards life. Being restless and ambitious is not a negative trait anymore!

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The Urban Gallivant A blog describing the constant struggles we have to face (ahem!) coping in an urban lifestyle, and some innovative turnarounds. Quirky, reflective, calming and almost minimalist.
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