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  • I Love Reading,
  • Not Much Fiction Though. I Can Feel An Upside Down Change In My Life,
  • Once I Got Into This Habit. One Of Man's Biggest Virtues Is The Ability To Learn,
  • Jee This Comment Appears Sexist:) I Am Also A Fitness Enthusiast. My Shoulders Are Really Ripped :),

Sanmeet Singh Walia

From Sanquelim       |       Birthday March 10
About Me The vision is there and so is the resource, the glee is there and so is the remorse, I have the wings, I am just reluctant to reveal, But sometimes I do fly in the night, i kiss the clouds and scream with delight. I am walking on the path shown to me, I have also spotted my own one but I just let it be. Its the just inertia that is to be broken my friend, and mind it i am training hard and the 'about me' ends :)

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Zindagi Rockstar Its just my 'stated' version of my own life!
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