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  • Watching Simple,
  • Quite And Clean Movies To Keep My Mind's Peace. Introverting. I Love To Watch Soccer,
  • No Matter Who Is Playing. I Am A FIFA Gamer. ,

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Sankara Jayanth

From Hyderabad       |       Birthday May 13
About Me Hello, I'm Jayanth. This blog is the place i chose to jot down all my random thoughts, dominating memories, priceless experiences in life, my heart's syllabic poems and soul's conjuring stories. This place is something i would refer to, if i felt i lost a piece of my rationality. In short: Introvert. Unpublished writer of Poetry, Haiku, Tales. Hobby Photographer. Digital Painter. Blogger. Philosophical. Feminist. Vegan.

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Black And White Heart All that flows through my mind and heart will be penned down in poetic form. Most of my works are themed around love, life, philosophy, short fiction, flash fiction and social causes
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