Shilpi A. Kumar's Repertoire Of Imaginations

A place I write about the emotions of humankind. How in a
single moment we find ourselves in the fireworks of feelings
and the very next we choose to chide them away.

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एक दीया जलाया है
एक दीया जलाया है मैंने, हिम्मत और विश्वास का, दूर तक फैले इस तमस में, प्रेम और...
2 Years Ago
Repertoire Of Imaginations
Untouched It was quarter to one. The night was laden with anxiety and excitement. Sleep had such enmity with me tonight. Right......
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That Gift of Goa
Twenty four years! Yes I was turning 24 and the thumbnail was; “ confusion, a complete state of delirium.” Over the period of time, I......
6 Years Ago
The Satan Within: 2
The parched emotions are plagiarizing me now. It’s been four days now and no sign of anybody. But why is it not bothering me? No c......
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The lady in the train
The train was gaining momentum and the slow rumble of the metal over metal softened. The distance was closing with each moment that passed......
7 Years Ago
Passengers-My story that began on a night
It had been raining heavily that afternoon. Dad was persistent that I should not go but I insisted. AI-890 Ranchi- Delhi-Mumbai Le......
7 Years Ago