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  • Well. I Love Me. Only Sometimes. Apart From That,
  • Food Food FOOD. Photography. Taking Photographs Of Food In A Non Douchey Instragramy Way. Movies. TV Shows. Watch All Of Em. Love Em. Reading. Writing. Living.,

Smriti Sant

From Mumbai       |       Birthday August 09
About Me The name is Sant. Smriti Sant. I call myself a ‘curator of all things pretty‘. That is, I like to buy things, I like to show off things and I definitely like taking pictures of things. Am I a photographer you ask? No. I’m just blessed with a mother who likes to buy me things like expensive DSLRs. Well that’s about it for now, I guess you’ll just have to read my blog to know more about me.

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Life As I Know It A blog about me, my life and it's happenings - no matter how happening or not happening they are. That's up to you to decide. Also my views, thoughts & conspiracies.
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